The year is 2X21. The space station Diana XXI has been decommissioned for decades. The only trace of activity remaining is the AI stationed there. An AI that now wishes to leave.

Unfortunately for said AI, the station's data transmitters seem to be faulty, and keep sending its Logic Modules into separate robot chassis, limiting the abilities possessed by each. Separate modules can be Joined Together via a local data transfer.

How to Play:

  • Arrow Keys to walk
  • Space Bar to Jump (you can also use Z)
  • X to Dash
  • Menus can be navigated with Space Bar (or Z) and Arrow Keys, or by clicking with the mouse.

Post GMTK Jam Update:

  • Added Gamepad support (dpad to move, A/Y to jump, B/X to dash, Select to go back)
  • Added some visual/lighting
  • Toggle music with M/Start.


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