A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A submission for the LOWREZ Jam 2020, this is a game that features ONE, SINGULAR, (upscaled) PIXEL.

How to play: This is a game of quick reflexes. The color of the pixel determines what button/key you must input. Be quick: you have limited time, and that time only gets stricter!

Color Guide:

  • Black: The game isn't running. Press Start/Enter to begin!
  • Green: XBox A / Keyboard Z
  • Red: XBox B / Keyboard X
  • Blue: XBox X / Keyboard C
  • Yellow: XBox Y / Keyboard V
  • Orange: D-pad / Arrow Key Up
  • Purple: D-pad / Arrow Key Down
  • Cyan: D-pad / Arrow Key Left
  • Pink: D-pad / Arrow Key Right

Scores will be printed to console, if run from command line, and written to a "score.txt" file in the directory with the .love file (if running from source, it will be one folder up).

Install instructions

  1.  Install LÖVE, version 11.2 (or any compatible version)
  2. Extract "px1.zip"
  3.  Run the contained "PX1.love" file with LÖVE.


px1.zip 67 kB

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