Version 0.4 released!

spindle of serendipity, version 0.4 has been released!

The first thing you may notice is the new title screen. That hexagonal-panel aesthetic is what I'm hoping to utilize for the entry display at a later update.

Additionally, I've added the ability to create entry profiles. This allows you to set a filter of various categories and sources to load from in-game, without needing to alter the files in the saves folder. You can more easily set up your game to focus solely on music stuff, or just characters from your favorite anime.

Lastly, the method for saving Aliases and Settings have been changed; you may need to recreate them in  the menu.

Files 13 MB
Version 0.4 Mar 28, 2020 14 MB
Version 0.4 Mar 28, 2020 14 MB
Version 0.4 Mar 28, 2020

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