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spindle of serendipity

An open source word guessing game with fully customizable entries · By zacryol


Recent updates

Version 0.10.4 released
added some ui sounds, and sped up the setup time on longer entries barring any significant feedback I receive, there won't likely be any more major changes for...
3 files — 0.10.4
Version 0.10.3 released
Longer entries will make the hex panel scale down a bit, and the volume scaling was adjusted slightly...
3 files — 0.10.3
Version 0.10.2 released
Added volume sliders to adjust loudness of sound/music, and make some visual tweaks to improve visibility of game content...
3 files — 0.10.2
Version 0.10.1 released
This update adds some basic controller support to the game - Only within the game itself (Menus must still be navigated with M+K) - One controller that must be...
3 files — 0.10.1
Version 0.10 Released!
The main change is a heavy visual overhaul. The CRT shader can be disabled in Settings if you don't like it...
3 files — 0.10
Version 0.9.2 released
This minor update mainly added some help windows to explain the Alias and Profile features a bit...
3 files — 0.9.2
Version 0.9.1 Released
some visual effects were changed, but mainly I added music and sound effects...
3 files — 0.9.1
Version 0.9 Released
Mainly a visual touch-up; New colors, some background particle effect, the players panel is animated to directly indicate current Also added the ability to togg...
3 files — 0.9

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